Spotlight On Pegasus Bulkheads

In June 2019 Pegasus Bulkheads Limited was formed, as a part of an expansion of Pegasus Parts, who were the first company to start manufacturing brand new bulkheads for Land-Rover Series 2/2a models.

The main reason for Pegasus Parts expansion was mostly down to the demand for bulkheads growing faster than a small company could handle. The order book was getting bigger and only one person was building them. It all came to a sudden halt when Paul Halley, the proprietor of Pegasus Parts, had a life-threatening health scare. Thankfully, he pulled through, but alternative arrangements had to be made.

In June 2019 a private investor came forward and Pegasus Bulkheads was formed as a Limited Company.

After spending months finding a factory in the UK, that could make all the bulkhead parts under the same roof, we decided to start working with one particular factory, because we were impressed with their engineering diversity. Not only will we be able to make Series 2 and 2a bulkheads, but this particular factory will be able to produce all types of bulkheads, at a very competitive price.

The First Article for the Series 2/2a bulkheads has been made and approved by us, to ensure we were happy with the quality. Once the factory is up and running and up to speed, they have committed to building 1-2 bulkheads per week.

Our vision for the future is now to have all types of bulkheads for Series and Defender models in stock.

If you still wish to repair your bulkhead using our brand new component parts, please visit our sister company, Pegasus Parts.