Research And Development

We have had the opportunity over the years to view an enormous number of different bulkheads and make notes regarding their individual characteristics and the varying details that inevitably occurred.

We knew manufacturing the bulkheads was technically feasible, it was a case of identifying all the change points and variants.

Anybody familiar with the Series 2 and 2a bulkhead is probably aware of the most obvious changes that occurred: screw vent controls to quadrant type, round heater to flat heater, double wiper motors changed to single cable drive motor, angled tie rod brackets to straight type.

A cursory look through the parts catalogues and viewing vehicles in the flesh pointed to rather a lot of changes over the 13 year production period. At the last count there are about 40 changes just to the 4-cylinder, civilian specification, bonneted control models only.

Then there was the issue of identifying the other bulkheads, 6-cylinder, 24-volt FFR and Forward Control models, all have their own bulkhead types.

There are:

  • 20 main variants just for Series 2 and 2a models
  • 8 types of 4-cylinder, civilian models.
  • 3 types of 4-cylinder, 24-volt FFR models.
  • 4 types of 6-cylinder model.
  • 5 types for Forward Control models.

And this does not include any minor detail changes that would probably double the number of bulkhead types that were originally manufactured.

The only way forward was to make life easier for you, Pegasus have come up with the best way to identify which type of bulkhead you require, based on the month and year of when your Land-Rover went into production.