"We manufacture top quality, high specification, totally accurate bulkheads for true land-rover enthusiasts"

Pegasus is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of Classic Land-Rover bulkheads and parts. We have been manufacturing parts in the United Kingdom using original press tooling and traditional hand techniques since 1998.

welcome to your land-rover's future

We have completed extensive research to the point where we can identify exactly which type of bulkhead you require, based on the year and month your Land-Rover went into production. Each and every single part has been reverse engineered to replicate Rover's original specification. Built to universal RHD and LHD, assembled on our purpose made jigs and surface finished with red-oxide, Pegasus Bulkheads are made to fit straight onto your vehicle, exactly like they should.


The average Pegasus Bulkhead is built up from over 100 component parts, each of which has been accurately CAD drawn, generating very precise manufacturing drawings. Most parts require multiple drawings, not only a conventional drawing but also a 'flat pattern' drawing to allow laser or turret punch cutting of the part.


Our subcontractors use our drawings and flat patterns to cut and fold the finished parts. We manufacture all our own parts including door pillars and footwell panels to ensure consistent quality standards are met.

Pegasus Bulkheads and their sub-contractors have many years of sheet metal working experience and resources and can reproduce all the original styles of pressing details, plunged holes, spire nut locations, footwell ribs etc. 


Pegasus Bulkheads are built using spot welders just like the original bulkheads were made. 

Most of the component parts are spot-welded  or TIG welded together into sub-assemblies, which are then built up into the final assembly. The bulkhead is built up on our 36 reference point assembly jig.


Pegasus Bulkheads use TIG welding on the final assembly 'heavy-duty' brackets, lap joints and butt joints.

All heavy duty brackets such as the bonnet hinges, tie rod brackets and bottom feet are welded into position using TIG as this replicates the original oxy-acetylene welding method that was used. 

If you wish to repair your existing bulkhead please visit our sister website Pegasus Parts for repair sections and sub-assemblies.


Not only will your bulkhead fit like the original, last like it's original, it has all the same features as the original too!

"We would like to think, that if one of the original assembly workers at the Rover factory in Solihull, viewed our bulkheads today, he would find it very difficult to detect any differences to the original".

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Series 2/2a - 'Finger Tip' press feature and hole for Wiper Motor Socket on the Parcel Shelf Z-Piece.

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Series 2/2a - 'Plunged' hole for Round Heater Demister tube. This feature carries over to later bulkheads with the 'Flat' heater.

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Series 2/2a - Rain Channel, with the correct formed hemmed lip.

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Series 2/2a/3 - Correct style door pillars with door seal channel extending the full height.

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Series 2/2a - Pressed recess for panel Spire nuts on the gear box tunnel.

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Series 2/2a - Door Check Tube End Caps. Press formed on our own tooling. 

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Series 2/2a - Footwells with the original style pressed ribs.

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And finally look out for our signature strip, with your bulkheads very own laser cut serial number.

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80" - Correct roll formed hinges for doors and bonnet.

Rain channel with hemmed front lip.

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80" - Metal spun side lamp pods. Side lamp unit is not supplied with bulkhead.

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80" - Steering unit reinforcement plate fitted to footwell as required

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80" - Correct BSF annd 2BA threaded fasteners used throughout. Original style captive nut cages fitted.

All our bulkheads are based on the MONTH and YEAR of when your Land-Rover went in to production. You may have a rare model or you want to convert it into a V8 - that's ok because we also supply conversation kits too! 

All our bulkheads are protected with red-oxide surface finish, free of charge!