Are You A Collectable Classic Car Owner Looking To Restore Your Land-rover To Its Original, Factory Condition?

You’re in the right place. Read on to discover why a bespoke bulkhead made to your vehicle’s particular specifications is an investment in the future value of your vehicle, and why we’re so passionate about preserving the identity of these iconic cars.

“It has always been important to support individuals, companies and organisations that preserve our automotive heritage. The restoration and preservation of classic cars keeps our rich history in the automotive sector alive for future generations. As we move towards electrification and ever more stringent regulations, in my view it will become even more important to support and protect our classic automotive heritage”

—Professor Gordon Murray, Legendary Formula 1

Are You Looking To Invest In A Land-Rover?

Perhaps you want to preserve your Land-Rover’s appearance while restoring it to its factory specification, but you’re having trouble sourcing an exact replica of your original bulkhead?

Maybe you’ve tried repairing your old bulkhead in the past but the rust is starting to come back again, and you’re exhausted at the thought of grappling with a 70-year-old bulkhead that’s now far beyond its design life?

Or you might not have restored a classic Land-Rover before, but you’re planning to start a new project, and you’re starting to look into the different options available?

Why Buy Bulkheads From Pegasus?

When you choose Pegasus, you’re choosing to invest in your vehicle’s value, appearance, function and history.

Our unbeatable Land-Rover knowledge combined with technical excellence makes us the number one choice when it comes to bespoke Land- Rover bulkheads.

A Commitment To Heritage

We believe firmly that it is our responsibility as custodians to stay true to Land-Rover’s rich heritage. Our primary purpose is to preserve these iconic vehicles for the next generation to see for themselves how a classic Land-Rover really looked when it came off the production line.

A Meticulous Eye For Detail

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to view a vast number of different bulkheads and compile detailed notes on their individual characteristics and the inevitable changes that occurred throughout each Series model.

How Did The Land-Rover Bulkhead Design Change Over Time?

Anybody familiar with the Series 2 and 2a bulkhead is probably aware of the most obvious changes that occurred: screw vent controls to quadrant type, round heater to flat heater, double wiper motors changes to single cable drive motor, and angled tie rod brackets to straight type.

A cursory look through the parts catalogues and viewing vehicles in the flesh pointed to rather a lot of changes over a 13-year production period just for the Series 2 and 2a models. At the last count, there are about 40 changes just to the 4-cylinder, civilian specification, bonneted control models only.

That’s not even considering the 6-cylinder, 24-volt FFR and Forward Control models, which all have their own bulkhead types!

The Pegasus Bulkhead Parts System: A Labour Of Love

It’s taken our founder Paul Halley hundreds of hours over the past 10 years using every technical means to systematically search for, collect and analyse all the available information about the important changes and upgrades the Rover Company made since 1948 to 1990. After this, Paul carefully documented it all into three-dimensional CAD drawings.

To add to the complexity, The Rover Company only ever used a couple of different part numbers, so we introduced our own Parts System using ‘Type’ numbers, to allow you to easily identify which bulkhead you require, based on the month and year that your Land Rover went into production.

Here is a list of different types within each model:

  • 5 Types of the 80″ Series 1 models
  • 11 Types of Series 2, 4-cylinder civilian models,
  • 3 Types of the Series 2/2a
  • 4-cylinder (24-volt FFR) models,
  • 4 Type of the Series 2a, 6-cylinder models,
  • 5 Types for the Series 2a and 2b Forward Control models,
  • 1 Type of the Series 2a Lightwieght Upper Vent Panel,
  • 5 Types of Series 2, 4-cylinder models,
  • 5 Types of Series 3, 4-cylinder models,
  • 2 Types of the Series 3, 109 V8 models, and
  • 2 Types of the Series 3 Lightweight Upper Vent Panel

Bulkheads Made Bespoke For Your Land-Rover

The enormous variations in design is why we call our bulkheads bespoke, and why we ask for your Land Rover’s production date when you order with Pegasus. There are so many different types to choose from, because The Rover Company were constantly developing new features and discontinuing others with each model.

Our research has enabled us to create a replica of your old bulkhead that is easier to fit, saves time and money, and most importantly, will maintain your Land Rover’s true identity and potentially increase your Land Rover’s value in the future.

Below is a fine example of an 80” Series 1 Land-Rover being restored to showroom-new condition, which has our 80” Type 5 bulkhead (without the side lamps) fitted to the vehicle. It truly is the perfect combination of old meets new! You may have seen it featured in several magazines and shows over the summer Click here to see it at the Land Rover Legends show in June 2022.