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Keeping Your Land-Rover's True Identity

345879 (TYPE 3) – Bulkhead, Series 2, June 1960 to January 1962

Production Lead Time:
3 - 4 Weeks

£2,210 (£2,652 inc VAT)

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Features Specific to this bulkhead

When you choose a Pegasus bulkhead you are choosing a replica bulkhead, that matches Land-Rover’s original specifications based on their production build dates. You value the historical accuracy of your Land-Rover and want to retain its original features.

Significant features:

For identification purposes this version of the Series 2 bulkhead has the following features:

  • Door Pillars with 5/16″ Acme captive nuts.
  • Door Hinges secured with 5/16″ captive nuts on to nut plates.
  • Ventilator Outer Panel with drain channel on cab side.
  • Ventilator Outer Panel has no holes for wiper spindles or washer jets.
  • Hinges for Ventilator Lids spot welded to the Ventilator Outer Panel.
  • Quadrant type Ventilator controls.
  • Parcel Shelf with holes for Round Heater Demister Tubes.
  • Holes for Voltage Regulator Mounting Plate.
  • No infill pieces between Glove Box Back Panel and Door Pillars.
  • ‘Bolt on’ type Door Check tubes.
  • Auxiliary panel mounted below main instrument panel.
  • Has holes for Steering Unit reinforcement brackets in footwell panels.
  • Large round Dip Switch with wiring to the side.
  • Middle Panel with holes for Round Heater.
  • Middle Gusset Panel with pilot holes for Round Junction Box.
  • Gearbox Tunnel with hole to access Clutch Bleed Nipple.
  • LH Bonnet Hinge with angled bottom and mousehole.
  • RH Bonnet Hinge with bonnet locating lug.
  • Tie Rod Brackets on engine side point inwards at angles.

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Do you need a chassis for your series restoration?

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General Details

Our Land-Rover Series 2 (1960 to 1962) Bulkheads

These bulkheads are not mass produced or a ‘one-size-fits-all’.  They are specifically built to replicate the exact look and feel of Land-Rover’s signature design; specially made to order for you in our UK factory. All of our bespoke bulkheads are surface finished in an e-coating as standard. No matter what quality you choose, you’ll be getting an exceptional well built bulkhead that will increase the expected life span of your Land-Rover by at least another 30 years.

Proudly Made In The UK

Our bespoke bulkheads, on average, typically take 7 working days to make in our UK factory and ready for delivery. Once complete your bulkhead will be packaged up and delivered ready to sit perfectly on your Land-Rover Series 2 chassis. Say goodbye to long lead times and quality issues. Every step of our bulkhead production is carried out in England.

Product Options Details

Rover V8 Conversion

Conversion kit that allows fitting of a Rover V8.

Modifications are:

  • Left Hand footwell remodelled to the pedal box reinforcement plate. Pressed ribs re-positioned to achieve a ‘factory’ finish and appearance.
  • Right Hand footwell remodelled to the pedal box reinforcement plate.
  • Middle Panel remodelled to clear rear of V8 engine.
  • Gearbox Tunnel remodelled to clear rear of V8 engine.
  • Side Panels reformed and re-folded to clear rear of V8 engine.
  • Middle Gusset Panel on engine side re-profiled to match widened engine bay.
  • Footwell to Gearbox Tunnel Infill Pieces, LH and RH sides.

Kit does not include the outer side panels. If required, order our part numbers PSK 3105 and PSK 3042.

This bulkhead conversion kit maximises engine bay width and rearward positioning and may also be suitable for use with non-Rover V8 engines.

Left hand footwell is reduced to a width of 352mm. This may require redesign of throttle pedal and linkage for LHD models.

  • Jig Aligned

    Assembled on several major assembly jigs, which locate key mounting points throughout the build process.

  • Universal Fitment

    Built to 'universal' RHD or LHD specification.

  • Primer Coated

    Surface finished in an e-coating as standard, ready for painting.

  • Ready To Fit

    Made to fit exactly like the original manufacturers specification; endorsed by classic car insurers.

Why Choose Pegasus?

Technical excellence, outstanding craftmanship and an inexhaustible supply of Land-Rover knowledge.

When you choose Pegasus, you’re choosing a passion for perfection.

Made by hand in the UK, Pegasus have completed extensive research to the point where we can identify exactly which type of bulkhead you require, based on the year and month your Land-Rover went into production.

Each part has been reverse-engineered and accurately CAD drawn, generating very precise manufacturing drawings to replicate Rover’s original specifications.

All component parts are laser cut and CNC folded. The bulkhead assembly is then authentically spot-welded, arc welded, and finally TIG welded on our purpose-made jigs using 36 alignment points.

customer feedback

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    Ohio, United States

    Land Rover Nada 6 Cylinder Bulkhead

    Pegasus provided many of the parts that made the restoration possible.

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    Bristol, UK

    Land-Rover Series 2 Bulkhead

    I am a very happy bunny and a satisfied customer of Pegasus.

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    Chris and Linda

    Late Series 1 Bulkhead

    ... found that everything lined up perfectly. The doors fit and close, the windscreen fits, the vent flaps and seals fit, the door seals fit - a great result!

  • Pegasus Bulkheads Logo Png Format 150x150

    John from New Zealand, 22nd December 2021

    Land-Rover Forward Control 2B bulkhead

    Just a line to let you know that the Land-Rover Forward Control 2B bulkhead arrived today ! Hoorah !! .... The crate was certainly up to the job, thank you!

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