Keeping Your Land-Rover's True Identity
1962 to 1971

Series 2A and 2B Forward Control bulkheads

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Technical Specifications

Production Dates
1962 to 1971 - Series 2A and 2B Forward Control bulkheads

Over the course of production, The Rover Co. engineers made multiple incremental improvements to their bulkheads, but only ever used two Part Numbers, so Pegasus has introduced ‘Type’ numbers designed to easily identify which bulkhead you require, based on the month and year of when your Land-Rover went into production.

The following dates (listed below) are provisional and are based on actual production dates. The Vehicle Registration date is no guide to the Build Date.

Use the drop down bars below to check the ‘significant features’ on your bulkhead and find out which type fits your Land-Rover:

how to identify your bulkhead type

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    choose the exact copy of your original bulkhead

    Select from the list below the month and year your Land-Rover went into production. Refer to the build date in your log book or heritage certificate.
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    use the check list to review significant features

    If you are unsure of the exact production date, use the drop down list below to reveal significant features against your old bulkhead.
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Restoring a classic Land-Rover is not just a hobby, it's an investment in your personal satisfaction, pride and joy. It's also a way to connect with history and culture, and create a sense of community among us.

Significant features:

For identification purposes this version of  bulkhead has the following features:

  • Square body wiper motor.
  • Brake Warning Lamp.

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customer feedback

  • Pegasus Bulkheads Logo Png Format 150x150


    Ohio, United States

    Land Rover Nada 6 Cylinder Bulkhead

    Pegasus provided many of the parts that made the restoration possible.

  • Pegasus Bulkheads Logo Png Format 150x150


    Bristol, UK

    Land-Rover Series 2 Bulkhead

    I am a very happy bunny and a satisfied customer of Pegasus.

  • Pegasus Bulkheads Logo Png Format 150x150

    Chris and Linda

    Late Series 1 Bulkhead

    ... found that everything lined up perfectly. The doors fit and close, the windscreen fits, the vent flaps and seals fit, the door seals fit - a great result!

  • Pegasus Bulkheads Logo Png Format 150x150

    John from New Zealand, 22nd December 2021

    Land-Rover Forward Control 2B bulkhead

    Just a line to let you know that the Land-Rover Forward Control 2B bulkhead arrived today ! Hoorah !! .... The crate was certainly up to the job, thank you!

  • Pegasus finest detailing

    Manufactured To Match The Year And Month Your Land-Rover Went Into Production

    Not only will your bulkhead fit like the original, last like it’s original, it has all the same features as the original too!

    Help Land-Rover celebrate their 75th anniversary in 2023

    Our Process

    “We would like to think, that if one of the original assembly workers at the Rover factory in Solihull, viewed our bulkheads today, he would find it very difficult to detect any differences to the original”.

    Why Choose Pegasus?

    Technical excellence, outstanding craftmanship and an inexhaustible supply of Land-Rover knowledge.

    When you choose Pegasus, you’re choosing a passion for perfection.

    Made by hand in the UK, Pegasus have completed extensive research to the point where we can identify exactly which type of bulkhead you require, based on the year and month your Land-Rover went into production.

    Each part has been reverse-engineered and accurately CAD drawn, generating very precise manufacturing drawings to replicate Rover’s original specifications.

    All component parts are laser cut and CNC folded. The bulkhead assembly is then authentically spot-welded, arc welded, and finally TIG welded on our purpose-made jigs using 36 alignment points.

    • Made in the United Kingdom

      All our bulkheads are drawn, parts manufactured, assembled and surface finished with red-oxide primer, made in United Kingdom to ensure consistent quality standards.

    • 5 Year Warranty

      Our in-house quality system ensures all parts are manufactured and assembled correctly.

    • 100
      Day Returns

      Made to fit exactly like the original manufacturers specification; endorsed by classic car insurers and for your extra peace of mind we offer you a 100 day return.

    • Fast Secure Shipping

      We ship worldwide right to your door.
      All our bulkheads ship from our UK warehouse so shipping cost depends on the country of destination.

      For a shipping cost please add your item to Cart and enter your address at Checkout.

      Alternatively please Contact Us today for a shipping quote.

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