V8 Conversions: How To Easily Convert Your Series 2 Or 3 With A Powerful V8 Engine


Discover Pegasus V8 conversions that is set to redefine the Restomod experience. Our V8 bulkheads not only transform the driving experience but also preserves the authenticity and charm that make classic Land Rovers truly special.

Land Rover Restomods For Series 2 And 3

Passionate restomod enthusiasts are constantly seeking ways to elevate the performance of their beloved Land Rovers and at Pegasus we understand the importance of every detail in enhancing your vehicle’s capabilities.

One key component that can make a remarkable difference is the bulkhead. As additional weight is added to these vehicles, the original performance may suffer. That’s where our founder, Paul Halley, comes in. With his expertise, he has re-engineered the engine compartment space and meticulously modified all bulkhead components in the ‘Classic Rover’ style, including repositioning of the ribs in the footwells to accommodate the original Rover V8 or various non-Rover V8 engines, like this Series 2a, featuring a TVR V8 engine under its hood.

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Our V8 upgrade is engineered with precision and meticulous attention to detail to ensure seamless integration with your Land Rover’s existing components. This means that enthusiasts can enjoy the enhanced performance benefits of the V8 upgrade while preserving the authenticity and charm of a classic Land Rover.

Rest assured, at Pegasus, we have already handled the intricate work for you!

Pegasus V8 Bulkhead Modifications Include:

  • Left Hand footwell meticulously remodelled to the pedal box reinforcement plate, with pressed ribs strategically re-positioned for a flawless ‘factory’ finish.
  • Right-hand footwell expertly remodelled to the pedal box reinforcement plate.
  • Middle Panel redesigned to accommodate the rear of V8 engine seamlessly.
    Gearbox Tunnel reformed to clear the rear of the V8 engine effectively.
    Side Panels skilfully reworked and re-folded to accommodate the rear of the V8 engine.
  • Middle Gusset Panel on engine side re-profiled to align with the widened engine bay.
  • Footwell to Gearbox Tunnel Infill Pieces provided for both LH and RH sides.

Our bulkhead conversion kit optimises engine bay width and positioning, potentially suitable for various non-Rover V8 engines.

The left-hand footwell is precisely reduced to a width of 352mm, which may necessitate throttle pedal and linkage redesign for LHD models.

When acquiring a Series 2 or Series 3 bulkhead from our shop, you now have the option to select this comprehensive V8 conversion package.

If you are intrigued to delve deeper into the history of fitting a V8 engines, here is a fascinating article on the topic in the Land Rover Monthly magazine. The above image is believed to be of an 88/84 engine bay.


In conclusion, Pegasus Bulkheads V8 upgrade offers a compelling solution for both Classic Collectors and Restomod enthusiasts looking to take their vehicle’s performance to the next level. With enhanced power, the V8 bulkhead upgrade from Pegasus Bulkheads is a game-changer that can truly transform the driving experience for your Series 2 and 3 Land Rover.
Elevate your restoration project with Pegasus precision and expertise!