I went for a drive yesterday and collected Millie’s Christmas present, her new bulkhead before Bristol started its Tier 3 lockdown today.

After being fobbed off for around twelve months by another manufacturer in Birmingham I cancelled my order with them. A further prowl of the internet came up with Pegasus as being the next nearest producer of Series 2 bulkheads.

If practical I like to talk face to face with the people I am dealing with. I rang them and made my enquiry then arranged to drive down to see them in Millie. We had a friendly meeting which included a close examination of Millie’s bulkhead and coffee and biscuits. At the end of the meeting I decided to place an order for a new bulkhead without any holes for the heater and later no hole for the dip switch, and a few other bits and pieces.

I went home and confirmed the order on the 22nd Sept’ by transferring the fifty percent deposit. I received a number of updates and a couple of pictures from Pegasus, until on the 27th November I was advised that my bulkhead was ready to collect. I arranged to drive down and collect my bulkhead yesterday after first checking that it would fit in the back of my Peugeot, which it did lying flat on an old duvet.

I am a very happy bunny and a satisfied customer of Pegasus.


Bristol, 2nd December 2020.