production lead-time: 5-6 weeks

1962 to 1971 LAND-ROVER SERIES 2a/2b Forward Control

Price: £2600.00 (£3120 inc VAT)

  • Forward Control
  • Pegasus Part No. 337640 TYPE 5 SERIES 2b FORWARD CONTROL - SERIEAL NO. 064
  • Pegasus Part No. 337640 TYPE 5 SERIES 2b FORWARD CONTROL - SERIEAL NO. 064
  • Pegasus Part No. 337640 TYPE 5 SERIES 2b FORWARD CONTROL - SERIEAL NO. 064
  • Pegasus Part No. 337640 TYPE 5 SERIES 2b FORWARD CONTROL - SERIEAL NO. 064


    PRODUCTION DATES 1962 to 1971 - SERIES 2b - Forward Control

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    how to identify your bulkhead type. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    identify the type of bulkhead you require

    Select from the list below the month and year your Land-Rover went into production. Refer to the build date in your log book or heritage certificate. 

    use the check list to review significant features

    If you are unsure of the exact production date, use the drop down list below to reveal significant features against your old bulkhead.

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    It is the finer details that make the perfect restoration and perfection is all we accept at Pegasus Bulkheads.

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    Significant features:

      • Square body wiper motor.
      • Brake Warning Lamp.

    Not sure which bulkhead you require? We’re here to help. Contact Us or call 0044 1737 301483.


    Assembled on several major assembly jigs, which locate key mounting points
    throughout the build process,


    Surface finished with red-oxide primer, ready for the next paint process.


    Made to fit exactly like the original manufacturers specification; endorsed by classic car insurers.


    Not only will your bulkhead fit like the original, last like it's original, it has all the same features as the original too!


    "We would like to think, that if one of the original assembly workers at the Rover factory in Solihull, viewed our bulkheads today, he would find it very difficult to detect any differences to the original".


    Our parts are fabricated with minimal pressing, preserving metal thickness. Using modern design and materials, we have improved performance by strengthening and stiffening weak points by 50% compared to the original bulkhead. This means that not only does the bulkhead maintain its original appearance, but it is also more durable and long-lasting.


    We utilize our own designs and patterns to cut and shape the final parts. We have invested in advanced tooling to create a bulkhead that is comparable to Rover's original engineering. Pegasus have extensive experience in sheet metal work and are able to replicate all original pressing details, holes, spire nut locations, and footwell ribs.


    Pegasus bulkheads are constructed using the same spot welding method as the original bulkheads. The majority of the parts are joined together using spot or TIG welding to create sub-assemblies, which are then assembled into the final assembly. To ensure precise bulkhead geometry, the assembly is constructed on a 36 reference point jigs.


    Pegasus utilize TIG welding on the final assembly for heavy-duty brackets, lap joints, and butt joints. The heavy-duty brackets such as the bonnet hinges, tie rod brackets, and bottom feet are also welded into place using TIG welding to replicate the original oxy-acetylene welding method. We maintain the highest standards in our manufacturing process and have complete control over the quality of each finished bulkhead.


    Technical excellence, outstanding craftmanship and an inexhaustible supply of Land-Rover knowledge.

    When you choose Pegasus, you’re choosing a passion for perfection.

    Made by hand in the UK, Pegasus have completed extensive research to the point where we can identify exactly which type of bulkhead you require, based on the year and month your Land-Rover went into production.

    Each part has been reverse-engineered and accurately CAD drawn, generating very precise manufacturing drawings to replicate Rover's original specifations.

    All component parts are laser cut and CNC folded. The bulkhead assembly is then authentically spot-welded, arc welded, and finally TIG welded on our purpose-made jigs using 36 alignment points.


    All our bulkheads are drawn, parts manufactured, assembled and surface finished with red-oxide primer, made in United Kingdom to ensure consistent quality standards.


    Our in-house quality system ensures all parts are manufactured and assembled correctly.


    Made to fit exactly like the original manufacturers specification; endorsed by classic car insurers and for your extra peace of mind we offer you a 100 day return.


    UK shipping from only £250 and Europe £300, which includes a certified wooden crate to protect your bulkhead in transit.

    For the rest of the world we offer a Worldwide Door-to-Door Delivery service. Contact Us today for a shipping quote.