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Series Bulkheads Treating Painting and Surface Finish

What Surface Finish Do You Provide?

We are now applying red-oxide surface finish to all our bulkheads, FREE of charge!

Red oxide is used in paints and primers as a rust preventive. If traces of rust are present on a metal surface, red oxide paint will still adhere, because it interacts with the surface by forming chemical bonds.

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do you galvanise the bulkheads?

We still get a few requests about galvanising our bulkheads. We completely understand galvanising a chassis, which is made of much thicker material, but in our opinion galvanising a bulkhead has its own set of problems.

The hot dip galvanising process can raise the temperature of the bulkhead to an incredible 450C / 840F and because of the complex shape of the bulkhead, the temperature rise causes some parts, (particularly the large thin panels) to buckle and distort.

Galvanising works by a chemical reaction between the surface layers of the mild steel and the zinc. The zinc is not a coating – like a layer of paint, it’s more of a metallurgical bond – between the zinc and steel.

Most galvanising plants are more used to processing heavy duty metal work, such as chassis frames, gates, railings, architectural steel work etc. They are not really interested in taking care in handling and processing a fragile piece of equipment!

However, here at Pegasus Bulkheads, we like to keep everything to the highest standard and replicate Rover’s original specification in the finest detail. Unbelievably the Rover Company only ever protected their bulkheads with a high quality primer and look how well they’ve lasted – considering how our beloved classics started out!

what grade is the sheet metal?

We are proud to use TATA sheet metal, which is sourced from Europe and is the best standard grade for automotive products.

what is the thickness of the metal

The metal we use is mostly 1mm thick just like the original bulkheads were made from the Rover Co. and Land-Rover, but weak and thin points have been eliminated, so in places the metal is a little thicker to ensure the bulkhead is stronger and withstands corrosion.

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