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Bringing a car back to life is relatively easy - anyone can do that.

Restoring a masterpiece is anything but. Returning a classic Land-Rover Series model to it's former glory can only be achieved with technical excellence and outstanding craftsmanship, underpinned with knowledge, experience, passion and perfectionism.

The quality of workmanship, the accuracy of fit, the authenticity of the 'look and feel' that is poured back into your Land-Rover is all that matters. We feel these  vehicles deserve the highest standards. If you insist on feeling the same way, you have come to the right place!


Every restoration project is unique. The model of your Land-Rover, its age, its historical significance, its rarity, the condition it's in and what you want to do all affect your restoration project.

You may have an exceptionally rare model in which case we have the correct conversion kit for you. We have everything covered. All our bulkheads are based on the month and year of when your Land-Rover went into production - you can immediately identify, which type of bulkhead you require, by simply checking the features on your current bulkhead. This will give you the reassurance that our bulkheads will fit precisely how it should do, exactly how it left the Solihull factory many years ago.

Taking nearly 2 years to reverse-engineer, using state of the art CAD and laser cutting technology, Pegasus Bulkheads are manufactured from all new parts and assembled to more accurate tolerances than the originals.

Unlike conventional “repaired” bulkheads, Pegasus Bulkheads are made to the highest standard using all new material and replicate Rover's original specification in the finest detail, including:

  • Foot well ribs press formed
  • Captive nuts and cages for floor panels
  • Floating captive nut plates for door hinges
  • Internal stiffeners made of 50% thicker material
  • Tool location and jig points

The bulkheads are fabricated with very little pressing, which retains the metal thickness; this means your Land-Rover bulkhead will have at least another 40 years of life!


Pegasus Bulkheads are passionate about keeping a classic Land-Rover looking as beautiful and original as possible. We are often asked to review alternative makes of parts, based on their quality, originality and value.

Looking at some of the alternative models available online, we are shocked to discover how many imperfections other manufacturers have made. If you are going to the trouble of taking your Land-Rover apart to replace your old bulkhead, do you really want to be dealing with incorrect fittings and drilling holes on your new bulkhead?

As you can see Pegasus bulkheads have a lot more holes, in all the right places! You can be rest assured that all the fitments on a Pegasus bulkhead are correct too. Simply go to our SHOP to find out what type of bulkhead you require.   

We have also noticed some other companies selling galvanised bulkheads - want to learn more? Click here.

Imperfections on alternative models - CAB-SIDE 

  1. Glove Box end panels missing, double folds, both ends.
  2. Parcel Shelf with hole for single wiper motor, no brackets fitted for cable drive cover.
  3. No captive nuts and cages for floor plates, both sides.
  4. Hole for brake pedal bracket punched for Servo brake type pedal box.
  5. Ribs in Footwells poorly formed
  6. 2BA Threaded Hank Nuts for instrument panel missing from grab handle. Incorrect round hole formed instead.
  7. Footwells missing reinforcement plates on both sides.
  8. Using later Defender Type door pillars

Imperfections on alternative models - ENGINE-SIDE 

  1. Holes missing for LHD brake and clutch pedals.
  2. Incorrectly formed corner lip on outer Vent Panel, both sides.
  3. Strange cut-out on RH Side of Outer Vent Panel
  4. Extra holes punched in outer Vent Panel above tie rod brackets.
  5. Uses Series 3 Outer Vent Panel folded inside out.
  6. Missing middle gusset panel.
  7. No holes for Bonnet Buffers
  8. Pilot holes missing from Footwells or holes fully formed
  9. Rain Channel incorrectly formed.