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The Land-Rover bulkhead evolved over the production period as new features were added and others discontinued or superceded.  Rover only used a couple of different part numbers so Pegasus have introduced 'Type' numbers. Dates are provisional and are based on actual production dates. Vehicle registration date is no guide to the build date.

List of Types for 80" Series 1 Models

Type 1 - Late 1948 to Late 1949.
Type 2 - Late 1949 to Mid-1950.
Type 3 - Mid 1950 to Late 1950.
Type 4 - Late 1950 to Late 1951.
Type 4 ABH - Late 1950 to Late 1951, Alternative Dash Type.
Type 5 - Late 1951 onward. 

When ordering an 80" bulkhead, please specify if vehicle is LHD or RHD. As standard we fit the Steering Box Strengthening Plate, Part No. 302536 to the relevant footwell.

For more details of this plate, please visit Pegasus Parts.


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