1983 to 1990 - LAND-ROVER 90 and 110 - Shop

To simplify production and customer ordering, 90/110 and Defender bulkheads will be manufactured as universal handed. i.e. holes formed for bulkhead to fit RHD or LHD vehicles.

Each bulkhead will be to the following modified specification:

  • Adaptor plate supplied to convert the large rectangular heater hole to the teardrop shaped steering column hole, as per early 90/110 bulkheads.
  • Blanking plates supplied for unused brake and clutch pedal box holes.
  • Top support bracket weldment sub-assembly for Steering Column will be fitted to both sides.
  • Holes for Steering Column lower bracket and throttle bracket will be supplied as blind holes in the reinforcement panels.
  • Holes for wiper spindles and washer jets will not be punched in Outer Ventilator Panel.
  • Holes will be punched in the Inner Ventilator Panel. Customer can form holes in outer panel as required using the inner panel as a guide.
  • Both footwells will have the correct 'gutter' type ribs.

Completed units will be supplied with Red Oxide painted finish.

Bulkhead 'Type' numbers are provisional and relate to estimated VIN number introduction.