bulkhead types

We have done the research for you, so you can be rest assured your bulkhead will fit, exactly like the original.

Bringing a car back to life is relatively easy - anyone can do that.

Restoring a masterpiece is anything but. Returning a classic Land-Rover Series bulkhead to it's former glory can only be achieved with technical excellence and outstanding craftsmanship, underpinned with knowledge, experience, passion and perfectionism.

The quality of workmanship, the accuracy of fit, the authenticity of the 'look and feel' that is poured back into your Land-Rover is all that matters. We feel these  vehicles deserve the highest standards. If you insist on feeling the same way, you have come to the right place!


Every restoration project is unique. The model of your Land-Rover, its age, its historical significance, its rarity, the condition it's in and what you want to do all affect your restoration project.

You may have an exceptionally rare model in which case we have the correct Conversion Kit for you. We have everything covered. All our bulkheads are based on the month and year of when your Land-Rover went into production - you can immediately identify, which type of bulkhead you require, by simply checking the features on your current bulkhead with our checklists in the product descriptions. This will give you the reassurance that our bulkheads will fit precisely how it should do, exactly how it left the Solihull factory many years ago.

3 Easy Steps to identify which type of bulkhead is yours:

1) Go to our SHOP and select your Land-Rover Series or Defender Model.

2) Review which month and year your Land-Rover went into production from the list of Types.

3) Select the product in the catagory and simply check the list in the description against your bulkhead.:

If you are unsure of anything, please email some photos to [email protected] or contact us using our form on this website. 

what are the lead times?

We are working towards getting all the bulkheads in stock. If the bulkhead you require shows we are temporary out of stock, we may have all the parts, but we have not built it yet. Contact us to check availability.

If your type of bulkhead is showing we are temporary out of stock, we also state underneath the tab, how  how many weeks we expect it to be in stock or whether it is still under development..  

do you do defender bulkheads?

We plan to, but they are currently under development. We expect to start manufacturing the Defender bulkheads in the summer of 2022. Contact Us  for availibility.

what other types of bulkheads do pegasus make?

Other replica bulkheads made by Pegasus are:

  • 80" Bulkheads
  • Late Series 1, 86", 107" 88" and 109" - due in March 2022
  • Series 2a and 3 Lightweight Upper Ventilator Panels
  • Series 2 and 2a Bulkheads
  • Series 2a and 2b Forward Control
  • Series 3 - due in March 2022
  • Defender Bulkheads - summer 2022
  • V8 Conversions

Our Company also have a sister site Pegasus Parts (www.pegasusparts.co.uk) which manufactures Bulkhead Repair Sections and other obsolete parts for the Land-Rover classic Series range.


"Pegasus vision, is to create the exact equivalent of Land-Rover's original bulkhead" 


Find out how Pegasus Bulkheads was formed and what our vision is for the future.